Happy Thanksgiving!

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Today was so much fun! We made waffles and sausage for breakfast. And then we ate our Thanksgiving Dinner at about 1:30pm. Mom outdid herself, as usual. After dinner we took my grandparents to the farm where Jimmy works on Saturday. We showed them how we could ride bareback. On the way to the farm we saw 20 or 30 turkeys in a field! It was such an awesome sight. Tonight we ate leftovers, watched Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and Mr. Moto. My grandparents also taught Katie and I how to Jitter Bug. Wow! Can my grandparents dance! My grandpa also reminisced about WWII. I found out tonight that he actually met Winston Churchill when he was stationed over in Africa. It was a great day.


Krista said...

awww... I miss your moms cooking! Im glad you guys had a great thanksgiving.
And why didnt Jimmy learn how to do the jitter bug? Thats a sight I would love to see... :)

Anonymous said...

He watched...I don't think he exactly wanted to dance with my grandpa. ;)