Christmas Music


I have thought that self-proclaimed "experts" can be a little silly. How can someone claim that they're an expert at something? Couldn't it all be a figment of their imagination? I'm not much of an expert at anything, but I think one could say that I'm an "expert" at Christmas music. It's a hobby of mine, probably bordering on an obsession. I REALLY like Christmas music. People always smile and give me that "sure honey, whatever you say" look, until I tell them how much is on my iPod. Then I get a different look. A wow, you're nuts kind of look.

*Disclaimer* most of my CDs have been given to me or I've gotten on a really good sale. I rarely pay full price for my Christmas CDs. ;)

iTunes says I have 758 songs, 1.7 days, 2.38 GB of Christmas music. So, here's my "expert" 10 Christmas CDs...If you don't have these, I highly recommend you buy them, NOW!

10. Christmas with the Beach Boys - The Beach Boys

9.  A Charlie Brown Christmas, by Vince Guaraldi Trio

8. Navidad, by Jaci Velasquez

7. A Christmas Story, by Point of Grace

6. Christmas Songs, by Jars of Clay

5. Christmas Offerings, by Third Day

4. Behold The Lamb of God, by Andrew Peterson

3. The Christmas Sessions, by Mercy Me

2. A Star Still Shines, by Diamond Rio

1. Christmas, by Rebecca St. James

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