Grateful for Grace

I've been freshly grateful for God's amazing grace in my life. His sanctifying grace that keeps me and gives me power to say no to sin. The grace that sustains me in trials. The grace that reminds me that I'm forgiven. My sin has been paid for. All my sins are atoned for. I have been snatched from the pit of Hell. I have been ransomed and redeemed. And I was forgiven before I had committed one sin. There is no sin that surprises my Savior. He was aware of them all when He died for them all. He propitiated God's wrath. He was my substitute. He sits at the right hand of the Father at this moment, interceding for me. Wow!!! How incredible! What grace that I do not deserve!

Today was a lot of fun. We hung out, reminisced (a lot!), and ate a lot...Here's some pics from the day...


Fire trucks at 7am. We had a house burn down, down the street. The Lord was very kind and the couple that own the house are in Pennsylvania for the holidays. You can pray for them, everything they owned went up in flames last night.



We had a lot of frost on the ground this morning. It was beautiful.


My grandpa.


Mom, Katie, and Gran cooking lunch.


Jimmy and Papa playing cards.


Chica. Boy, she's getting spoiled this week. My grandma keeps feeding her scraps (which we don't do ;)...it's pretty funny)...

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