Gratitude - Singles Care Group

I have the privilege to be apart of the best church in the planet! I love Sovereign Grace Church! There's no place I'd rather be than with my dear church family. When SGC started 5 years ago, we had a singles ministry of 3. :-) I'll never forget our first Christmas party. Randal (singles pastor), Erin (his wife), Christa, and I watched White Christmas and ate lots of food ('cause no one else came). Almost 5 years later we have around 35 singles. Twice a month we crowd into Matt & Julie's house for care group. It isn't uncommon for the meeting to go past 9pm (we're supposed to end at 8:30). The excitement and love for God can be felt as soon as you walk in the room. They're such an incredible group of folks.

Specific things I'm grateful for:

  • Care. My dear friends excel at caring for ones soul. Asking the hard questions, sending an e-mail, giving ya a hug.
  • Laughter. Boy, do we laugh. My friends are humble and love to laugh at themselves. A very uncommon practice for 20 somethings.
  • Joy. They're some of the happiest and most excited people I know. And it's not because they're on drugs! They love their Savior and that resonates from their countenance.
  • Leadership. Our guys are incredible!!! They serve heroically and tirelessly lead. The gals can't lift a thing, we never have to pic a lunch location on Sundays, when we go out we never have to get up and re-fil our drinks. The guys are among the first to share at care group. And that's just a small part of all they do.
  • Servants. Our singles serve their hearts out. As a church secretary I see this more than some folks. I especially notice this the Sunday of New Attitude. It's amazing how many spots have to be filled, how many people we/they have to find to cover for different jobs. Our singles are everywhere, serving in any way they can.

Thanks for displaying the glory and love of our Savior! I love Jesus more from your example. I love you guys!P6010007

(This isn't everyone...)


CountryGal said...

Ok... so I agree with ya on this one too! :) Simply the best singles group on the planet. My gaze is constantly being brought back to the cross through you guys. Thanks for being biblical friends. What a huge, huge means of God's amazingly wonderful grace. Love ya'll!

Sammy said...

actually we started watching White Christmas, but then soon realized that you hadn't seen Princess Bride so we put that in instead

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's right...I knew there was something about that night I was trying to block out of my memory...