Gratitude - Brother

One of the areas that God has been continually prodding my heart to think on is gratitude. A grateful soul is a contented soul. A grateful soul is a joyful soul. A grateful soul is a soul at peace. So, for the next couple of days, I am going to post specific things that I am grateful for...

And I'm gonna start with my brother, Jimmy. I was 11 when Jimmy was born. I've always called him my little brother (among other names that I won't mention...). He's not so little anymore. He's taller than me and stronger than me. He's the biggest nut I know. And the godliest teenager I know (yeah, I'm bias). He's always there when ya need him. He is always sticking up for his sisters and constantly annoying us too!

Specific things that I'm grateful for:

  • You tease me and make me laugh at myself!
  • You kindly care for my soul. You ask me hard questions when you feel I need it.
  • You do dumb things just to make me laugh (like hanging your head out the car window and offering your hamburger to passing cars)...
  • You are very humble and are easily corrected.
  • You really care for your friends and their souls. I remember countless talks as you have asked about the best way to serve your friends.
  • You are a servant!!!
  • You have more ideas of things you want to do, than I can fathom at times...goats???
  • You try not to startle me. ;)
  • You want to be like your dad!
  • You love your Savior so much. I love watching you worship as you play the guitar on the worship team.

I love ya, 'lil bro! You're the best brother ever...I'm SO grateful that God gave me you!!!

Some fun pics...

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J.B. Tharp said...

That was a great post, Jess! All of it is a very accurate description of God's grace in Jimmy's life. I always say (and I mean it!) that much of what I know about biblical manhood I learned from Jimmy Britt in how he treats his sisters. I'm very grateful to God for his example of godliness, humility, and biblical manhood. Miss you guys and hope to see you all soon!

CountryGal said...

You go, sis! Ya hit it outa the park. I totally agree with everything you said. Jimmy is simply the best brother in the world. I would add that he is also a very patient young man, especially with this sister. :)
Thanks for loving us, Bud! Thanks for earnestly loving your family and friends like 1 Peter says. Thanks for your example to me. God's love is continually poored out on me through you. You are a specific means of grace to me. I love you!

YellerDaisies said...

Thanks Biz. Your comment blessed my bro.

Yep, Katie, he's a very patient brother!