D.A. Carson – Session 2 – Sunday

Christ’s Incarnation – My Notes

John 1:1-18

His (God’s) ultimate expression of Himself was Jesus. The ultimate revelation is not more words, but Jesus. The deeds and words of Jesus is the deeds and words of God.

  1. The Word creates
  2. The Word gives us light and life
  3. The Word confronts us and divides us
  4. The Word incarnates God for us

It’s the doctrine of creation that grounds all human responsibility.

If God had needed anything (or anyone), he wouldn’t be God.

We are entirely dependent on Him. Our Makers voice is all the creature hears.

God’s love is not so awesome because the world was so big, but because the world was so bad.

The most heinous thing we do is to ignore our Maker. Not recognizing that God made us for Himself. We’re still at the center of the universe.

You have the presence of God or you have nothing.

Do you want to see God, study Jesus!

My Thoughts:

I didn’t walk away from this message extremely convicted. I walked away extremely wowed (I’m not sure if that’s a word.). I didn’t have a lot of expectations going into the conference. It was very obvious that God wasn’t giving me the opportunity to prepare how I wanted or to have, really, any expectations. My prayer was that I would love Jesus more and be wowed by Him. This message began the answer to that prayer. As I listened, I was amazed. I love messages on the Trinity. I love the studying about the Trinity. So, I was all over this message. God became bigger. I was especially struck by His power and just how other He is from me. That knowledge coupled with the knowledge that He loves me more than I can ever imagine, was staggering. The two should not come together. Yet, it does! I cannot get my head around that. He’s the awesome CREATOR of the universe, yet He loves me passionately and died for my sins. That is the biggest mystery and completely confounds my puny brain. I left that message in awe of the majestic Trinity that I know, worship, speak to, love, and am loved by. Being a Christian is the most incredible thing on the planet!

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