Free Grace

I find Christ to be Christ, and that he is far, far, even infinite heaven’s height above man. And that is all our happiness. Sinners can do nothing but make wounds that Christ may heal them; and debts that he may raise them; and deaths, that he may quicken them; and spin out and dig hells to themselves, that he may ransom them.

Now I bless the Lord that ever there was such a thing as the free grace of God and a free ransom given for sold souls: only, alas! guiltiness maketh me ashamed to apply to Christ, and to think it pride in me to put out my unlean and withered hand to such a Saviour!

I know no sweeter way to heaven, than through free grace and hard trials together, and none of these cannot well want another.

- Samuel Rutherford, The Loveliness of Christ

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