My Weekend

I had so much fun this past weekend. I was super busy, but it was worth it! On Friday night Katie and I went out on a "sister date". We went to Sonny's BBQ, Dollar General, Kohl's, and then capped the night off with Starbucks. :)

On Saturday, I worked in the morning, did Visitor Follow-up that afternoon (thanks friends for your help!), got my hair cut!!!, and then went to dinner. The single guys at our church wanted to bless the single gals. So, they cooked us dinner. Not just any dinner, but a full sit-down dinner (and they were our waiters too). They grilled steak (wow! it was good), salad, baked potatoes, rolls, red velvet cake, and rice krispies. I was so blessed. Their attention to detail and desire to care for us were amazing. They ended the evening by singing us a song (hilarious!!!) and giving each girl a rose. I came away so blessed and encouraged. Thanks fellas!!!

On Sunday I worshipped with my church family (woohoo!) and then had an incredible lunch with a single gal that is visiting our church. After lunch I hung with Emily and Susanna, catching my breath before CrossCurrent. As always, CC was a blast! It is the highlight of my month. Worship was very good. We have a good worship leader. ;) Matt taught an excellent message on knowing what your convictions are. Then, dad talked to the parents while the youth played games. Oh my, our teens crack me up! If I hadn't been so busy taking pictures (and making sure the boys didn't cheat), I would have been laughing really hard. They played a game with newspaper, Human Foosball, and Newspaper Dodge ball...

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