The Power of the Gospel

We’re about to start 1 Thess. at church. To prepare, I have begun to read a commentary on 1 Thess. The introduction was talking about where Thessalonica was (Macedonia) and how Paul (Acts 17:1-13) came to the area (the Macedonian call). Mark Dever says, “When Paul answered that missionary call, history changed. The gospel of Christianity went from Asia to Europe for the first time.” I was struck by the unusual way that Paul was called to Macedonia. It wasn’t a physical person, a gut feeling, a rumor heard; it was a vision. I wonder if Paul was tempted to discard his “dream”. Did he argue with the Holy Spirit? Did he think that it was a simple dream, no a vision from God? Was he tempted to doubt what he had seen? Either way it was a huge step of faith. I’m not a risk taker. I like to be careful & safe. I want to know 100% before I take a step. I often give in to fear. I’d rather someone else do it (talk to that person, do that task, etc.). I’m not the person that God should use. Or I don’t want to change in this area. It would require too much uncomfortable trust. But, that is the power of the gospel! In my notes from Sunday’s sermon I wrote, “The power of God transformed Paul. God can use whomever He wants.” God is all-powerful and do whatever He desires and plans. He is not limited by my limitations (spiritual or physical). He is the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe. It’s disobedience and a severe lack of trust to tell God that you shouldn’t be used (or won’t be used) or that you can’t change. Who am I to tell God anything? I should trust the Lover of my soul. Knowing that He has the wisdom and knowledge to know what I can and cannot do. The power of the gospel can do/change anyone!

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Megan said...

"He is not limited by my limitations" Excellent!