My Salvation Story

Glorious God,

I bless thee that I know thee.

I once lived in the world, but was ignorant of its Creator,

was partaker of thy providences, but knew not the Provider,

was blind while enjoying the sunlight,

was deaf to all things spiritual, with voices all around me,

understood many things, but had no knowledge of they ways,

saw the world, but did not see Jesus only.

O happy day, when in thy loves sovereignty

thou didst look on me, and call me by grace.

Then did the dead heart begin to beat,

the darkened eye glimmer with light,

the dull ear catch thy echo,

and I turned to thee and found thee,

a God ready to hear, willing to save.

- Valley of Vision

God saved me from a life of drugs, alcohol, and sex at a very young age. My salvation story isn’t dramatic, in one sense. I wasn’t snatched form a life of habitual and “bad” sin. I was snatched as a girl and kept from those sins. And yet I was snatched and redeemed from my sin. Because, you see, a bad attitude sent Christ to the cross just as much as adultery or murder. I sit here trying to remember a day before I was saved and I cannot. I cannot remember a day in my life that I did not love my Savior. Of course that day exists, but I have no memory of it. This blows me away. It leaves me in awe. That God would save me. That He would soften my heart towards Him at sucha a young age. That He would purposefully protect me from so many things. And even when my rebellious heart reared against Him; He kept me and protected me. When I purposefully and willfully (as a traitorous child of the King) sinned and tried to do my own thing, He would only le me go so far. And when He decreased, He pulled me back to Him. I cannot remember a time He has not sovereignly lead and orchestrated my life. How amazing is that? The almighty Creator, Lord of the Universe, King of kings; He lovingly leads, protects, guides, and gives grace…to me! I don’t deserve it. There's nothing good or desirable in me. He could have left me to myself for years. I could be in such different circumstances. Yet, in His great mercy, God plucked me as a little girl! He set a song in my heart and cleansed my wicked heart. He put a desire for Himself within me. He stirred (and continues to stir) my heart towards Him. What amazing grace to such a an undeserving sinner!!!

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