Happy Birthday Mom!!!


Today is my hero’s birthday. Years ago, a baby girl was born. Little did anyone know, that this girl would affect hundreds lives. She’s discipled many women one on one. She’s led many women’s ministry meetings. She’s spoken at regional retreats. (She even wrote an article for Sovereign Grace.) Women come to her for advice. Women come to her for prayer. Women come to her for help with cooking. Peers and young women alike want to be a wife, mom, and Christian like she is. And I have the privilege of calling this woman…mom.

As a baby, she cared for me and loved me. As a child she played with me, began to nurture my soul, and discipled me. As a teenager she spent many late nights listening to my struggles, questions, and dreams. Now I’m an adult. She still cares for me, loves me, nurtures my soul, and listens to me. It’s not uncommon to find Katie or I sitting next to her on the couch asking for help. Whether it’s a situation we don’t know how to handle or sin issue we can’t lick. Mom is always there. Always. I cannot remember a time when she’s given me a “I really don’t want to talk” look. Well, I may have gotten that as a teenager. But, that wasn’t very often and it was when she was in bed and it was 11pm! I used to enjoy pouring out my woes really late at night. Women respect my mom for her wisdom, discernment, compassion, and love for her Savior. I smile when I hear these things. I have the benefit of her wisdom, discernment, compassion, and love for her Savior; every day. My mom has taught me so much.

What do I admire most about my mom? Her unwavering, passionate love for Jesus! On almost any given morning, I know where to find mom. She’s sitting on the couch with her coffee next to her. Her bible, notebook, and a book are either on her lap or beside her. It is my favorite sight each morning. Her faithfulness and trust in the Savior is amazing. Life hasn’t been easy. She has learned peace and trust the hard way. Since I was a little girl she’s had health problems. But, if you were to ask her today, she wouldn’t have traded them for the world. They brought her nearer to her Savior and taught her more about His character. For that, it was all worth it. She is the most unselfish person I know. She is constantly putting her family and others before her. And even if she doesn’t like the situation or doesn’t want to do it (I mean, she is a sinner.), she still denies her desires and puts others first. She is a hard worker and keeps our house in fantastic shape! She is also the best cook in the universe!!! And that is not an exaggeration. One day I hope to be able to turn out meals like she can. Recently, I acquired some food allergies. I cannot eat wheat or gluten. That limited what I could eat. Did that stop my mom? NO! She started scouring the internet for recipes. She started trying our gluten free bread recipes. She wanted me to be able to eat as normal as possible. I was prepared to do without, but she went out of her way to bless me.

Her priorities? God. Her husband. Her kids. Her church. My mom serves unseen and sacrificially. She releases my dad to pastor our church and does it with so much joy. She releases him to go overseas and does it with such faith and joy. She loves to talk with and counsel those much younger than her. When most women focus on the kids leaving the house and being able to do fun things again, she looks for ways to serve young married and single girls. Whether it’s sharing about raising kids, contentment, or cooking tips (and trust me lots of gals ask for those!); she’s eager to entrust the gospel into those coming behind her.

It’s probably not hard to see why she’s my hero. I want to be like her when I grow up (and I’m not kidding!). No one will ever compare with my mom.

Mom, thank you for pouring your life into me for 28 years. Thank you for selflessly giving of yourself. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for listening to me. Thank you for disciplining me as a child. Thank you for now, correcting me when I need it. Thank you for ALWAYS being there. Thank you for modeling Prv. 31 and Titus 2. I pray that I can one day be half the wife and mom that you are. Thank you for demonstrating a passionate love for the Savior. Thank you for “making me” do my devotions as a kid. I want to do them now, because of your encouragement as a child. Thank you for loving dad so well. Thank you for loving the church and throwing your life into Christ’s passion (making it yours). What an example! Thank you for being my best friend. I love you so much!!!


Anonymous said...

jess, that brings tears to my eyes. you mom truly is amazing and i love her so much!

from an outsiders perspective, i can say that everything you've said (and more) is 100% true. She is such a gift from God to me and I'm grateful too! it blows my mind to think of the countless number of times she's prayed for me, encouraged me, etc. and i love her honesty... its so refreshing to hear her say "i feel awful today. but God is holding me through" :)

Happy birthday!!!

Megan said...

that's nice. Thank you for your example in giving honor where honor is due.