More Blessings Than Grains Of Sand

Stephen over at The Blazing Center, gave out a great challenge today.

When was the last time you pressed the “pause” button of life and took stock of God’s mercies toward you? It’s so easy for us to become fixated on the one thing that’s “wrong” in our lives that we miss the staggering heaps of divine blessing strewn about us.

Here are just a few of the ways that God has abundantly blessed me:

  • Salvation. I could never move on from this. This one thing makes my life full of joy. It colors everything in my life. Without it, I would be running full tilt towards Hell. Happily enjoying a life from the God I hate. But, God being rich in mercy, snatched me from my sprint and redeemed me. He changed my heart. I do not hate God, I love Him! I do not run away from God, I run to Him. I don’t walk away ignoring Him, I sit at His feet and listen. Wow!!! His mercy leaves me speechless.
  • My Parents. People have thanked me from time to time for one thing or another. People have encouraged me on aspects of my life or character. I smile and thank them. What they’re not thinking about, is that there’s only two reasons I am the way that I am. First (and foremost), God. Second, the best parenting a girl could ask for! If there’s anything good in my life, you can take to the bank it is because I was taught it, watched it modeled, or heard it prayed. My parents are my best friends and my heros!!!
  • My Siblings. I do not think it is possible to have a better brother and sister than I have! Jimmy and Katie are such a huge blessing. They make me laugh when I need to lighten up. They kindly “yell” at me when I’m being stupid. They push me to try things and do things I never would have tried (or don’t want to do). They love me and care for my soul. They’re also a ton of fun!
  • My Church. Sovereign Grace Church is the dearest place on earth. It is such a joy and privilege to be apart of this church. And I think it’s the best thing ever, I get paid to serve them! Ha! What a great job!!!
  • My Friends. I could write an epistle about my many friends through the years. God has always blessed me with friendships. No matter where we have lived, I’ve always made at least one new friend. Now, I have so many. God has blessed me and put me into an amazing singles group. I have a couple of accountability partners. They laugh at me, laugh with me, cry with me, encourage me, spur me on, slap me upside the head when I need it, push me to do things I don’t want to do, and even embarrass me from time to time. I’m so grateful for them all!
  • My Car. I vowed that I would never own a station wagon. (Yet another example of why you don’t tell God you won’t do something!) It’s turquoise inside and out and it’s had it’s share of car repairs. But, it has been a huge blessing!!! It has great “get up and go”. It can hold as much church stuff as a truck (well, almost). It has a great AC system. And the speaker system is fantastic (for an “old persons” car)!!!! It has a sun roof and a 6cd changer. God has been so kind.
  • My House. I LOVE our house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is a beautiful, one story, ranch-style home.
  • My Acres. I can’t believe that I live on 15 acres! I am constantly awed by the landscape and animals we get to see.
  • My Music. What’s my favorite thing? Hmmm…don’t know if I could come up with just one favorite. But, music is really close. I love music, absolutely love it! God has blessed me with a computer to listen to it on. An iPod to play it on. And a car to blast it out. It’s not uncommon to see me driving down the highway singing along. Probably a funny sight.
  • My Books. I also love to read. God has given the ability to see and to learn to read. He has given me the finances to purchase and enjoy tons of books. I really need to find some way to store all my books.
  • My Puppy. Chica is a daily source of laughter for me. It amazes me how God looks for ways to bless us and bring joy to our hearts. I’m convinced He gave us Chica for that reason. She’s the silliest dog, but makes me smile constantly.
  • My Health. I can walk. I can breathe. I can raise my hands. I’ve never broken any bones. I never had to use my medical insurance until last year. I take minimal medication. Boy, I have it good.

Thank you heavenly Father for blessing me so abundantly. The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places. You are so good and faithful. There is none like You!!!

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