An Opportunity to glorify God

The Christian approach is to solve all problems, not just solve some problems or solve them par way. Romans 5:20 tells us about the fullness of God's grace: 'But where sin abounded, grace far more abounded.' That assurance means that when Christ meets sin, He more than meets the need. It is not His concern to 'patch things up' or even to turn back the clock. He wants to turn a bad thing into a great one! And He will settle for nothing less. -Jay Adams

The Bible teaches that we should see conflict neither as an inconvenience no as an occasion for selfish gain, but rather as an opportunity to demonstrate the presence and power of God...it encourages us to look at conflict as an opportunity to glorify God, to serve others, and to grow to be like Christ. -Ken Sande

Both quotes came from Chapter 5 of Why Small Groups? An excellent book! If you can't read the entire book, at least read chapter 5.

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