I Will Bless Him That I am Out of Hell!

I pray that God may be with you--to support and comfort you with the divine consolations of His Holy Spirit, and establish you in His own due time. He is a faithful God--and therefore will not lay upon you more than He will enable you to bear. 1 Cor. 10:13. If you have less of this world--may you have more of His comfortable presence! Oh, blessed exchange! May you be supported with His everlasting arms--and have Him to sustain and uphold you in every time of need!
Remember your once dying, but now exalted Redeemer. Is the servant greater than his Lord? Shall we not joyfully tread in His steps--that we may at last be where He is? Can, or ought we to repine--if God deals with us--as He did with His own well-beloved Son?
May the Lord help you willingly to submit to Him. Doubt not, but that at the appointed time, when He sees it will be for your good and His own glory--that your heavenly Father will bring you out of your afflictions. You should rejoice to think that He is carrying on the great work of your eternal salvation, amidst all your troubles and disappointments, and under all your difficult afflictions. Oh, say then, with Job: "Though He slays me--yet will I trust in Him!" Job 13:15. Though I am surrounded with terrors--I will bless Him that I am out of hell!
Oh that you may be embraced in the arms of everlasting love, and enjoy the comforts of your pardoned state! Let me beg of you, once more, dear sister--not to allow the disappointments and crosses of this world, however sore and trying in themselves--to drive from your mind, the frequent and joyful forethoughts of what free, rich, and sovereign grace has designed for you in the eternal world--and is fitting and preparing you for, every day you live.
Let not the hardships of your journey--make you forget, but rather cause you to long for your eternal home. Oh, think on that heaven--which neither sin, nor death, nor hell--shall ever be able to deprive you of; in which you through sovereign grace, shall spend the endless ages of a blessed eternity!

- A portion of a consolatory letter to a Christian friend under severe afflictions, by John Berridge

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