Random Kindnesses

Here's some small things that made me smile today (and yesterday)...I love seeing the small, tiny blessings of my amazing Savior. It fills my heart with such love and faith. That the God of the Universe would care about such little petty things in my life...but, He does!!!

  • $30 pair of shoes for $5.50.
  • $30 thumb ring for $11.
  • Not reacting to my allergy shots today (which I should have).
  • 6 turkeys in my neighbors yard!!! (Where's a shotgun when you need it?)
  • A nice cool, overcast fall like day...yay, cool weather isn't that far off.
  • Bobwhite singing outside my bedroom window.


Sammy said...

WOOHOO for fall weather!!!!

Anonymous said...

hm. i was thinking woo hoo for shoes and a thumb ring.

i miss summer already. :(