A Great Day

Yesterday was a very special day. Every Sunday is special, but this one was even more special...we baptized 18 folks in our church. Several friends of mine were baptized!!!! It was so cool to watch daddies baptizing their kids. To see friends that were pagans when they started coming to SGC (but thought they were saved), get saved and now make a public profession of that faith. It was so way cool!!!

Many of the baptisms were special for me, but one was more than the others. Emily. When Emily came to our church 5 years ago, she was a mess. She was in complete rebellion and the only reason she came back a second time was because my mom invited her to our house for lunch after church. For the next couple of years Emily would come to church with hang overs and then completely "disappear" for months at a time. Then one fateful day in May the Lord began to knock her world upside down...she's never been the same sense! I've been with Em for a lot of this journey (Even though she thought I was a loser for quite awhile.) and to see her publicly profess that faith yesterday was so incredibly amazing. I had tears running down my face. What an amazing God I serve. You can read Em's testimony (warning, she likes to write and it's long!) HERE.

It may surprise you, but I took pictures! :-) Enjoy God's goodness displayed...


Wendy A said...

YAY!! This was such a special day.

Anonymous said...

correction... i still think you're a loser. :)

i love you so dearly.

Anonymous said...

Em, I always knew that you were very discerning... ;)

Bob, Yep! I agree...very cool day!

Anonymous said...

Ok! I have tears in my eyes... simply amazing...His kindness is overwhelming. Thanks for sharing this day through these pics.
Kelli N.