Notes From Care Group

Last night was one of the best care groups ever! We were discussing Sunday’s sermon, 180 Gallons of Grace. It was so incredible, I had to post the notes I took from it.

  • Jesus gives the grace, we don’t.
  • Here’s what it was and here’s what it will be (purification water to wine).
  • It wasn’t just turning water into wine, He was accomplishing countless purposes (affecting our souls today) in that one act…He is so good.
  • He is surpassing our exceedingly growing expectations.
  • Me, I’m a terrible person to trust.
  • It’s pride all over again when you think that your circumstances are too big for God to work/move.
  • What a feeble place trusting in ourselves is.
  • He makes us weak so that we see that we need Him.
  • We don’t ask enough (more of Him, etc.).
  • We can see the glory of Christ in God’s goodness.

Duet. 31:6, Josh. 1:9, 1 Chr. 28:20, 2 Chr. 16:9, Ps. 35:10, Prv. 18:10, Isa. 28:2, Jer. 50:34, Ps. 94:14, 18-19, Ro. 8:22-39

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