He Will Not Allow Your Foot To Be Moved

"He will not allow your foot to be moved. He who keeps you will not slumber." Psalm 121:3
This is a choice stanza for pilgrims to the celestial city.

"He will not allow your foot to be moved." Though the paths of life are dangerous and difficult--yet we shall stand fast, for Jehovah will not permit our feet to slide; and if He will not allow it--we shall never be moved! If our foot will is thus kept--we may be sure that our head and heart will be preserved also! Those who have God for their keeper--shall be safe from all the perils of the way.
Among the hills and ravines of Palestine, the keeping of the feet is a great mercy. But in the slippery paths of a tempted, tried and afflicted believer, the blessing of upholding is of priceless value--for a single false step might cause us a fall fraught with awful danger! To stand 'steadfast' and pursue our holy way--is a blessing which only God can give. It is worthy of His divine hand--and worthy also of our perennial gratitude. Our feet shall move in heavenly progress--and we shall never be overthrown!
"He who keeps you will not slumber." We could not stand a moment--if our Divine Keeper were to sleep! We need Him by day and by night. Not a single step can be safely taken--except under His guardian eye. God is the convoy and body-guard of His people. When dangers are all around us--we are safe, for our Preserver is awake, and will not permit us to be moved. No fatigue of exhaustion can cast our God into sleep--His watchful eyes are never closed!

- Charles Spurgeon

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