Are We Trusting God’s Sovereignty?

To all these questions, I could add one more: “Are we trusting God’s sovereignty in the gospel?” God causes the deaf to hear and the blind to see. He melts hearts of stone and hardens others. Paul did not always see a favorable response to the gospel. Neither will we. God may send a season of blessing and revival or He may use us, like so many of the prophets to give one last warning of the judgment to come. Some will plant, some will water, and some will reap a harvest.

Our part is to do our part…But only God saves. It is right to plan and pray for “results” and plead with others to know Christ, but no one can change the number of God’s elect.

Remember that on that “great gettin’ up morning,” God will not reward churchgoers, or His churches for that matter, for being big and influential, or hip and culturally with-it, but for being good and faithful (Matt. 25:23). That’s all God asks of us-be good and faithful, which is right, because that’s the best we can do.

-Kevin DeYoung, Why We Love The Church

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