Trust In The Storm

Have you never heard of the woman who was in a great storm at sea and terribly frightened?  She saw her husband, who was the captain of the ship, perfectly composed even while the vessel was tossed about by the mighty billows, but he could not calm her troubled heart.  So he drew a sword from its scabbard, and held it close to her breast.  As he did so, he said to her, “Do you not tremble my wife?”  “No,” she replied, “I am not in the least afraid.”  “But this sword is close to you.”  “I am not afraid of that” said she, “because it is in my husband’s hand.”  “Well,” said he,  “Is it not even so with this storm?  Is it not in the hand of God; and if it be in his hand, why should we be alarmed?”  So, if we have true faith in God, we shall accept whatever God sends us, and we shall not want to have things arranged according to our mind, but we shall quite agree with what His mind ordains.

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