True Worship Is About God

This Sunday’s sermon was on worship. Matt hit it out of the park! As I was reviewing the sermon, I was having a hard time focusing on one thing and applying it. Not because I’m amazing and godly (ha!), but because there were so many things to apply. So many ways that you could take this sermon and allow it to affect your life. As I was reading through the passage (John 4:4-26), verses 23 and 24 stood out to me:

“But the hour is coming, and is now here, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for the Father is seeking such people to worship him. God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.”

One of Matt’s points was, God is seeking true worshippers. He made the comment that, “we don’t deserve to be sought.” As I read these verses I was amazed. God is seeking people! God is seeking people to worship Him with all that they are. Matt also said, “He (God) wants what is best for us and what is best for us is Him”. God wants us to worship Him with all that we are (mind and body). Why? It brings Him glory and worshipping Him is the best thing for us. (Insert smoke coming out my ears at this point.) God seeks me out. God wants me to worship and glorify Him. Why? Because it is what will satisfy me and give me the most pleasure. God is so amazing and so different from me.

This leads to another question. If worship is so good for me, what should it look like? Oh, there are so many ways to answer this question. So many facets and aspects of worship. I believe I worship in everything I do. When I work, I worship. When I sleep, I worship. When I eat, I worship. When I play, I worship. When I’m on the internet, I worship. But, am I worshipping God or other things/people? Do I magnify, exalt, savor, enjoy, and bring glory to God in every day to day thing I do? And yet, it’s easy to focus on the doing. I think there’s a grander way to worship. The ultimate focus takes care of the doing, but keeps me from legalism and duty.

A simple point. Only 5 words. But, Matt’s second point, I think, is the key to worshipping God correctly. “True worship is about God.” I can get caught up in action (which is good) and forget that the end result of glorifying God is God. Jessica being a good, obedient Christian isn’t the ultimate goal. God is the goal. He is the satisfaction of my soul. He is the recipient of any glory and praise my life produces. I am patient with others because He is patient with me. I sleep as a declaration of my need and dependence on Him. I eat because He has created me as a dependent creature who needs His provision. I play because it brings Him joy. I blog/facebook  to point others to Him. I raise my hands, dance, sing loudly, kneel, to proclaim the truth of His greatness. None of this is about me. It’s all about Him and His glory. It’s all about pointing to His greatness and power. And when I focus on Him, I am blessed. Because of His mercy towards me, I find peace, joy, satisfaction in Him when I attempt to glorify Him. That’s motivation to worship!

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