My Answer To 3 Scenarios

Scenario 1: A friend of mine has been going through some trying times. Health, work problems, and God directing, but where does she go? She is having a hard time believing that God will provide. She is struggling to believe He will provide for her good. Recently she looked at me and said something like, “You’ve wanted a good thing for over 10 years and God hasn’t given it. Why would He grant my request?”

Scenario 2: I have another friend, who every time she hears me talking of couples courting, gets a pained expression on her face. She doesn’t understand why God hasn’t provided a husband for me. It makes her sad.

Scenario 3: I know of young teens and young single gals who sort of assume that they’ll have to wait to get married until they are in their late twenties.

I’m in my late twenties…thirty is fast approaching. And I’m nowhere near the possibility (at least by what I can see) of getting married. Is that my preference? HECK NO! There’s not a day that doesn’t go by that I do not pray for God to give me a man. Some days I lack faith and I’m discouraged. But, by God’s grace that is not where I live. I have so much joy and hope. It is hard to imagine a better life than mine. Why? Because I have an all access pass to the throne of grace. I am saved from my sins. I have an intimate relationship with the Creator of the Universe. What more could one want? He satisfies. He brings peace. He sustains. He provides. He upholds me in my weakness. He comforts me when I am discouraged. He brings joy to my soul, a smile on my face, and a light in my eyes. He is my all in all.

How do you answer the three scenarios listed above? Oh, that’s easy! :D

Scenario 1: I would first resist the urge to tell my friend that, that was the dumbest line of thinking I had ever heard! :) God doesn’t work the same way in every person life. Just because He has delayed in my life doesn’t mean He will delay in hers. Only He knows what He will do. We cannot take the reigns of our life and assume (tell God) what God will do. All she (we) can assume is that He will direct and will provide. He has promised to do what is best for her. Psalm 23:6, Job 34:21

Scenario 2: I would give my friend a huge hug and thank her for her care. And then I would remind her of God’s mysterious and gracious ways. “Does not he see my ways and number all my steps?” Job 31:4 (Job 34:21, Psalm 37:23) Our wise and all-knowing Father sees the big picture. We can only see the present. But, He sees the past, present, and future. We think we know what is best for our lives. But, we really don’t. We see so dimly. He sees all and knows all. He is God. He is the Creator. He is the Sustainer of all. He is my Savior. He sees my entire life in one glance. He knows what is best. And He gives grace and strength for whatever He requires of us. Being in His will is the most glorious place to be! That is where we MUST rest.

Scenario 3: Oh how I love our youth! I wish I could be with them more than I do. (Pardon the rabbit trail…I’m done now.) What would I say to a young girl who has grown up in the church and assumes you have to wait years to get married?

“God does not give us grace for our imaginations.” –Elisabeth Elliot

Don’t borrow trouble from the future. Since all (but two) of my childhood friends are married, I think we can assume I’m not the norm. :) And even if I was, only God knows what He will do in your life. Most girls I know get married before 28. BUT, not everyone does. Both options have their own struggles and trials. God WILL provide and direct. Don’t focus on what may or may not happen. Focus on Him. Keep your heart grounded on Him. If you stay there you will be just fine. Trust Him for tomorrow and focus on faithfully following Him today. He will provide and make all things clear in His timing.

And to all three I would point them to the cross. The source of all hope rest, and peace. “He who did not spare his own Son but gave him up for us all, how will he not also with him graciously give us all things?” Romans 8:32 The cross is God’s ultimate display of His abounding love and faithfulness. The real question isn’t is God good? But, does God’s goodness ever end? And why does He give it to me? Take a good long look at the cross and all doubt will fade. He loves us more than we can comprehend. We can trust His mysterious workings because of the ultimate provision for our good.

Gaze upon the crucified Savior…all else will fade in importance.


Emily said...

thanks. those verses are very helpful! and that was really encouraging. love you.

YellerDaisies said...

Yay! Love you too.