The Most Delusional

I enjoy reading comic strips. However, most only make me smile. I rarely find them funny, but that’s no surprise, I have an odd sense of humor. There is one comic strip that has been known to make me laugh out loud, Get Fuzzy. I don’t know why, but it really cracks me up. I have a daily Get Fuzzy calendar on my desk and today’s comic was too good. I just had to share it. :D

Bucky (a cat. He wants to use Rob’s camera, because Satchel just broke his.): To borrow your camera I need, Robert, for I mean to be a model.

Satchel (a dog, who is talking to Rob): Nutty, Huh? Ha Ha!

Rob (Bucky and Satchel’s owner, talking to Satchel): Sure is. Certified Organic Nutty.

Bucky (in response to their mockery): You cannot deny this gorgeousness, you can only hope to handle it.

Rob: Of all the stupid things you’ve ever said…that was the most delusional.

Bucky (with a “roll of the eyes”, fed up look): Vogue.

Welcome to my sense of humor. :)


matt said...

i share your addiction. i re-read all my Get Fuzzy books just recently.

Anonymous said...

It's all your fault that I like them in the first place! You're the one that got me hooked on them.