Kevin DeYoung – Session 3 – Sunday

Christ’s Life – My Notes

Luke 8:22-56

Work of Jesus Christ as a declaration of the life of Jesus Christ. His death doesn’t matter unless His life was perfect…little more than a historical figure.

Don’t you realize Who is in the boat with you? No one rebukes the wind and the waves.

Ps. 65:67, Ps. 107

In Him they (wind and waves) live and move and have their being.  As the storm comes, it is Jesus’ storm. The demons know who this is. Even the devil is God’s devil.

This is not a hard fight, it is a costly (cross) fight, but not a test of God’s power.

This is not entirely safe.

God’s holiness is more contagious than your uncleanness. You cannot exhaust God’s forgiveness.

The gospel is not about what you can do for God, but what God can do for you.

Who do you say that I am? Faith is moving from fear to fear.

My Thoughts from the Sermon:

Who is Kevin DeYoung? Out of all of the sessions, I was expecting this one to hit me the least. I didn’t know this dude, I didn’t know what to expect. I wasn’t expecting God to knock me off my feet. Kevin went through “a day” in the life of Jesus. Teaching on Jesus calming the storm, healing the demon possessed Gentile, healing the women with an issue of blood, and raising Jairus’s daughter from the dead. I was in awe. Kevin made a comment that Jesus (God) was in control (Lord over, preeminent) of nature, demons, health, and death. Everything is subject to His power and word. I was amazed at the HUGE God I serve. The Trinity became that grander in my eyes. I know in my head of the power of Jesus Christ (He is God after all.), but this message brought it home. His power is unlike any other. He has the power to do ANYTHING. The Creator came to earth and became a creature. Wow! As Kevin was teaching the Holy Spirit was speaking. He was challenging my faith and my perspective. Why do I not ask Him to heal my allergies? ‘Cause I assume He won’t. I assume He will get the most glory by not healing me. Why ask? I know the answer, I don’t want to be disappointed and get my hopes up. That wasn’t the right response. As we entered into to prayer time, the Holy Spirit was telling me to ask. I didn’t want to. My stubborn streak (that doesn’t rear it’s head very often) was in rare form that night. I wanted to ask, but I didn’t want to. The Holy Spirit reminded me that I have no idea what is in God’s plan. Who do I think I am to know God’s will for my life? This all-powerful God has all the power to heal me if He so chooses. Who am I to dictate His decision for Him? I do not know the outcome, but I am being commanded to ask. Ask in faith. The decision is His, but I need to ask believing that He may heal. It became a matter of obedience. I needed to ask for healing because the Holy Spirit was telling me to. So, I spent probably a half of an hour on my knees crying and begging for God’s help. I wanted to ask, but I had no faith. None. I needed Him to give me faith. It was a sweet time with my Savior. I finished and I still have all my allergies. But, the desire and faith to be healed are still there. I daily ask my all-powerful Creator to heal me. If He chooses not to, that’s fine! But, both answers (no/yes) will glorify His name. I trust Him and His timing (healing on earth or in heaven). He knows if He will heal me. I just need to ask and ask often. Trusting Him and knowing that ALL He does is good!

It was a great message and I highly recommend it. You can download it HERE.

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