Who Are You?

… “Who are you?'” with the answer, “A child of God!” but that’s a truth that must be pressed into our consciousness every moment of every day. When dissed by our friends, when we’re struggling with pain, when falling into sin (again!), we’re still his children. And that’s the most important thing about who we are. God has graciously chosen, adopted, and sealed us for his own glory. He is giving himself to us, and if we’re not distracted by our self-efforts and self-trust, we will respond by defining ourselves by that love. Who are you? You’re his, he is yours , and you’ve been cleansed from sin. And that’s all the identity any of us need…He has called to us, “Be Mine.” If you’re his child, he wants to assure you of his unchangeable love for you and your place in him even now. We can boldly respond to him in the full assurance that he really does love us, that he really has welcomed us to himself and made us his own. He loves for us to come to him and rely on him, just as a loving father loves to know that his children trust him and love to be with him.


- Elyse Fitzpatrick, Because He Loves Me

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