Hope Chest

Long ago, young girls would sew quilts, sheets, etc. and save them in a chest for the day when they were married. Now a days, girls buy their dishes and appliances beforehand. As a teenager I decided that I didn’t want to buy dishes. Not because I had some biblical conviction (‘cause it’s a great thing to buy early…saves lots of money!), but I really want my husband to have a say even in my kitchen. I’d kinda like to make sure he likes the dishes he eats off of every day. :) Instead of dishes, I’ve decided to buy things that I won’t be able to purchase when I get married. When you’re newly married, there’s no budget for punch bowls. :) For instance, I’ve always wanted a chocolate fountain. So, one year I took some Christmas money and bought one (it’s so cool!). Recently God blessed me in a really fun way. I’m pretty picky about glass ware. Most serving dishes, I don’t like or think its just okay. One day while I was at Kohl’s I found the most awesome glass ware. It’s just beautiful (and very simple). And the day I discovered this amazing glass, it was on sale for 55% off!!! Needless to say I was overjoyed. Here’s what I bought for $65…yep, all of this for $65. I was amazed!







Madre e Figlia said...

I love the punch set! Very cool.

Nikki said...

Wow! You did get some great stuff! You're right, when you get married there isn't much room in the buget for extra punch bowls! I'm excited you found such nice things!

fenderdude said...

omg!! I toootally got to get one of those. lol