To Facebook, Or Not To Facebook

503165914_a680a56c77 The bloggers at The Blazing Center have started me thinking. Yesterday Stephen did a post on Facebook & wisdom. There were two things I especially liked. The answer to “should I have Facebook” was not, no! Oh, you’re lacking self-control…my first response is to legalistically completely cut “it” (whatever it is) out. But, often it’s wiser to strengthen your spiritual muscles. Self-control cannot be learned if you never use self-control. You have to work at it (with MUCH prayer and dependence on the Holy Spirit). That was a good reminder. I also liked the questions Stephen asked. One in particular made me think: “How do I use Facebook for the glory of God?” This got me thinking. Particularly in what ways do I not (or am tempted to not) glorify God. Here’s my top 3 list of my biggest temptations on Facebook.

Complaining. What is it that I don’t like? Do all of my friends know it? Are my status updates a reflection of my Savior or my whining? Are people encouraged (or made to laugh) by the things I post? Or are they tempted to complain by reading my complaints? Am I serving people or tempting them to sin more? My life should be a sweet aroma of the gospel…that includes Facebook.

Selfishness. Yeah, I think you can be selfish on Facebook. Am I aware of who the friends are on Facebook? Do I serve my friends? Do I care for their souls? Do I not post a certain link or share a funny story because I know it will cause someone to struggle. (And I’m not talking about small, silly things here. It’s easy to be legalistic with this.)? Or do I post it not giving a care if it offends someone?

Time. Facebook is a time draining creation. I could spend hours surfing. Actually, if it wasn’t Facebook, I’d be reading blogs. So, it really isn’t Facebook’s fault. :) But, it does bring up a genuine concern. How much time do I spend? Am I not doing other things because I’m on Facebook? Yes/No. It depends on the day. I try very hard to not be on Facebook a lot. And if I am, I’m typically multi-tasking and doing something else at the same time. But, that’s not always the case. It is something I want to prayerfully ask for the Holy Spirit’s help and wisdom. The automatic default isn’t delete my account, but exercise some self-control. Enjoy, but don’t be excessive. The same approach I should take to every part of life…food, movies, music, etc.

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things. Philippians 4:8

How would you apply this Bible verse to Facebook?

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Randal, Erin and our 4 Girlies said...

Thanks Jess for asking this great thought provoking & convicting question. It was so good for me to see! I sort of have a love/hate view of FB because I know how it can consume & distract me from the things I really want & need to be giving my heart & time to ~ my Savior, my wonderful Hubby & my precious little girlies! Thank you! As always you have inspired me friend! : )

Erin : )