Be Who You Already Are

“Be who you already are.” Throughout our sermon series in 1 Peter and 1 Thessalonians, dad has said this. Who am I? I am a daughter of the King. I am a sinner saved by amazing grace. I am a rebellious wretch that is loved by an amazing God. I have been saved at the greatest price to my Savior. I am a redeemed slave. I am a citizen of Heaven. Do I act this way? Does my relationship with God reflect these amazing truths? Am I fueled by my identity? Does it consume me, is it my life’s passion? I am a daughter of the King. Do I act like it? I am a citizen of Heaven. When someone cuts me off in traffic do I act like it? When my sister (who is also a daughter of the King & a redeemed slave) sins against me, how do I respond? Do I dole out mercy as quickly as my Savior does? Am I eager to serve, forgive, and love? When people see me, am I representing my Savior well? Would one naturally think that I am a saved sinner? Would someone be very aware of my love for and desire to serve my Savior? Do people feel God’s love through me or my own sinful criticism? Am I acting like what I already am??? Does the gospel affect every aspect of my life? Does it affect my behavior and countenance? Or have I so forgotten it’s truths that it has little influence in my life? The gospel is the very core of my identity. It is what makes me who I am. Does it have a powerful, daily influence on me…or does it simply fade into the background of my works and self-sufficiency?

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