10 Years

49 days, 10 hours, and 45min…at 7:30pm on May 23 it begins! next bannerNext 2009 is approaching fast. As I was thinking about the conference, I began thinking about God’s kindness and all the ways He has blessed me and met me. The first New Attitude was on New Years weekend in 1999. Despite a 21 hour drive (7 singles and two dads in a van…wow that was an experience!), having the flu, and having a pathetic winter coat, it was an amazing trip. Here is a chronological listing of the years and cities (and funny memories I have) that have braved thousands of singles:

New Years Weekend, 1999 – Baltimore, MDscan0006

Having the flu

First trip without my mommy

Really weird restaurant…I was convinced there was dead people under the floors…it was weird.

New Years Weekend, 2000 – Baltimore, MD

“Is the Statue of Liberty in D.C.?”

My friend falling into the fountain and getting me all wet.

New Years Weekend, 2001 – Philadelphia, PA

Seeing snow for the first time!

Getting to see a lot of history. I’m a history lover and getting to see the liberty bell and Independence Hall was so amazing!

New Years Weekend, 2002 – Louisville, KY

I don’t remember anything from this trip. How sad is that?

New Years Weekend, 2003 – Louisville, KYscan0011

First time on a charter bus!

Our bus almost getting hit by a semi.

New Years Weekend, 2004 – Louisville, KY

First Na with South Carolina friends!

Getting sick and having sores all in my mouth.

No New Attitude in 2005 :(

Memorial Day Weekend, 2006 – Louisville, KY

Mario & JB drinking out of the same cup at the same time.

Memorial Day Weekend, 2007 – Louisville, KY

Emily dragging me down the hallway of the Galt House at 2:30am,

Memorial Day Weekend, 2008 – Louisville, KY

Wendy trying to kill me by pushing me out of the van.

Memories are fun, but not what makes Na/Next a highlight for me. Encountering God is P1010037 what makes Next the highlight of my year. 4 days of undistracted worship. 4 days of listening to incredibly wise and gifted men teach me Scripture. 4 days of God revealing Himself in small (and big ways). 4 days of interacting all day with my church family. 4 days of laughing and serving. 4 days of concentrated time with my Savior. of=50,590,443 

Every Na/Next has been different. But, each year I have grown. Some years were difficult (not all of God’s lessons are easy), some years have been refreshing, and some have blown my socks off. But, it’s the best $400 dollars I spend. I am a different person today because of how God has met me at Na!

PICT2072I am still amazed that I have been to every one (which makes me old). God has been so kind!

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