Fear Not

I was once again reminded of the kindness of God. I have been doing a word study on fear. Looking up every verse in the Bible that talks about fear (the good kind, fear of the Lord and the bad kind, fear of others, things, and circumstances). I love doing these studies. They’re such a great way to preach truth to your soul. I decided to look up the words fear not. Do you know that God tells his people 34 times in the Bible to fear not? 34 times He reminds us that there is no reason to fear. What incredible kindness. He knows our frame, He created us. He knows that we are tempted to fear. He doesn’t just slap us upside the head and tell us to quit it. He lovingly reminds us of truth. He lovingly reminds us that He is greater than anything and everything. He lovingly reminds us to fear Him alone. He knows the only thing that will quiet our fears is Himself. What a beautiful reminder of His loving kindness.

Fear Not in the ESV

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