Quotes from Prentiss

Lay down this principle as a law– God does nothing arbitrary. If He takes away your health, for instance, it is because He has some reason for doing so. This is true of everything you value, and if you have real faith in Him, you will not insist on knowing this reason.

You never will be really happy until Christ becomes your dearest and most intimate friend.

REST! What an infinite, mournful sweetness in the word. How perfectly sure I feel that my soul can never rest in itself, nor in anything of earth. If I find peace, it must be in the bosom of God. I know myself to be perfectly helpless. I cannot promise to do, or to be, anything; but I do want to put everything else aside, and to devote myself entirely to the service of Christ.

It matters very little on what paths we are walkiling, since we find Him in every one.

The longer I live the more conscious I am of human frailty, and of the constant, overwhelming need I have of God's grace.

- Elizabeth Prentiss

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