Love Is The Result

Where God is the focus, love is the result. –Jim Britt

God has to be the focus. Not my own reputation, comfort, or my own solutions. I cannot love others, if I do not first love God. If I love God, than I will be enamored with Him. And if I am enamored with Him, then I will want to pour the love I have received onto those He loves.

Indeed I love my fellow-Christians not simply because of the gospel, but I love them best when I am loving them with the gospel. –Milton Vincent

I guess the real question is, who do I love the most? Christ or myself. I cannot love others if I do not love Christ. And I cannot, not love others if I am entranced with my Savior. It’s an interesting thought. How do I love others more? How do I change from selfishness to selfless love? By loving Christ more than anything. It’s not about actions and checklists to change (though they are important). The goal as a Christina is to love Christ more. When my soul is full of Christ, it will naturally turn to loving His people (actions & checklists). Nothing else is possible for a redeemed soul.

Where God is the focus, love is the result.

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