I Don’t Think So!

Starbucks Takes Another Hit
Remember when Starbucks seemed like an unstoppable force? Those days are gone, kids. The troubled retailer, already suffering from falling profits and a slew of layoffs, was dissed in a recent coffee study from Consumer Reports. The ad-free mag ranked Eight O'Clock Coffee as the best-tasting coffee and noted that Starbucks, which costs considerably more, didn't even merit an honorable mention. Searches on "eight o' clock coffee" and "buy cheap coffee" made jittery jumps.

Source: yahoo.com

Eight O’Clock better than Starbucks. I don’t think so. Who was doing the taste testing?


Megan said...

Not sure what the good people of Gaithersburg would do without Starbucks :-) Maybe Dunkin Donuts would move in!

Anonymous said...

Dunkin Donunts? Oh, yuck! DD coffee is right up there with Folgers...disgusting!