Green Pastures

We must then question what constitutes a green pasture. Does it necessarily mean constant rest and comfort for our physical bodies? I don't think so. The greenest pastures--the places that provide vitamins and Miracle Grow for our souls--are the places where we find ourselves truly satisfied in God alone. Whether we are being cushioned by happy days or leaning on God for the tough moments, a green pasture is where we meet with God and realize that He is enough. It's richest gift He could give--not superficial comfort, but the gift of Himself as the God of all comfort. The best thing God can do for us is bring us to love Him more, even if it means peeling us away from everything that we're used to.

What is a green pasture? It's a place where we can give God our "why's" and say with Orual, "You are Yourself the answer."

- Hannah (Beauty from the Heart), Read Entire Article

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