It was an incredible day.

I'm exhausted.

We wrapped probably over 1,000 presents.

It rained, but we were still able to wrap.

It was so much fun. I was able to invite a couple people to church!

Did I mention I'm exhausted.

I dropped and broke my new camera... :( So glad God is sovereign even over my stupidness.

Hung out with some friends.

We had a fantastic singles party tonight...so much fun.

Did I mention I'm tired and sore?

Pictures to come...

It was an incredible day, God was so good!!!

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Randal & Erin & Girlies said...

Hey Jessica ~
I am SO sorry about your camera! I feel your pain......about the stupidness & the dropping I mean! (refer back to my dropping & shattering of my semi-brand new laptop a few months ago!) BUT, our great & awesome God IS sovereign AND good AND kind AND knows what is best for us......even when we are sad! So sorry! Thanks for bringing glory to God even in those moments of life, that is when He is most glorified! : )

Love you,