Eternal Nature of God

"Are you not from Everlasting, O Lord my God, my Holy One? We shall not die..." Hab. 1:12a

"Habakkuk grounds His confidence in God's future for his people in the eternal nature of God." - ESVSB

Habakkuk's confidence was not based in what He could see (what he saw was nothing but evil). It wasn't based in his present circumstances or even future circumstances. It wasn't based on his emotions and his subjective feelings. His confidence was based on objective truth, the objective Truth. He was trusting in One thing...the character of his God. He had knowledge, he knew scripture. He had seen God move in the past and was confident in His faithfulness. Even though God was answering Habakkuk's prayers in an odd & terrifying way; Habakkuk was confident his nation would not be wiped out. God was good. God was faithful. Even in the midst of complaining, and I would guess fear, Habakkuk was clinging to the character of God as His refuge.

Do I do that? When things don't go according to my plans. When I do not feel good. When I am tempted to feel overwhelmed at work. When I complain because I cannot see the future. When I am in a conflict...Where does my heart turn? Fear and complaining. Or a firm confidence in my God and His unchanging character.

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