What Am I Entitled To?

I am entitled to nothing. Recently I have been convicted of my lack of self-discipline. As I have been thinking on this sin, I've come to realize that part of this comes from an attitude of entitlement. Normally this translates into the simple lie that I am entitled to leisure. It's been a long day, it's ok that I do not do ________, I'll just watch a movie. I have a few hours to make-up (work), but I'm tired. I'll just go to bed. I don't feel good, it's been a rough allergy day...do I really need to exercise? There are many times when leisure is good and lots of fun. And there are times when my wimpy body needs the rest. But, I think there is a balance. And because I can be lazy I gravitate to ease. What's easiest for me? What is the path of least resistance? Instead of, what does God want me to do? How can I best glorify Him? Athletes are not "the best" naturally. The have genuine talent, but they have to work hard to turn that talent into disciplined excellence. Defaulting to ease (i.e. I'm entitled to an easy practice coach...) would leave them on the sidelines and possibly off the team. What do we say about athletes with this type of attitude? They are wasting their God-given talent. Where am I any different? I should be disciplining my body and mind. How could I serve God better? Glorify Him more? Discipline myself to do the things I don't like. Do what is hard. Do I still plan on watching movies, going to bed early when I'm exhausted, etc? You bet! But, by God's grace and through His strength I want to be ever watchful for the sneaky, quiet deceivers: slothfulness and laziness.

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