Listen, Confrontation, & Unbelief

I just finished chapter 5 in Why Small Groups?. It has by far been the best chapter in the book! It has been so convicting!!! Here's a couple more amazing (and convicting) quotes:

To listen properly, a servant's attitude and posture is necessary. It requires us to put our whole inner and outer man at another person's disposal, say: 'Your interests, concerns, problems, successes, or failures are more important than min. I will listen to whatever you have to say as long as it is biblically proper. I will allow you to express yourself fully. I yield myself to you. Let's focus on what is most important to you rather than on what is most important to me. -Wayne Mack

...keep in mind that your three-fold goal (during a conflict) is to solve the problem, grow closer in  the process, and become more godly through the process. Personal victory is not the goal, for this will never bless your friend nor please God. -Mickey Connolly

Confrontation can be very difficult, and many avoid it. But what wasted time could be redeemed in our lives if faithful friends started telling us some truths about ourselves. -Terry Virgo

Terms not only describe; they interpret. When we use a word such as gossip, many biblical images and exhortations come to mind-as well they should. When we try to describe the same activity in a more neutral fashion, what we really do is describe it in an unbiblical way. God's descriptive categories are not neutral...'Neutrality' is really a surrender to unbelief. It is a refusal to speak and think from God's perspective. -E. Bradley Beevers

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