It Came Early!


I had a very pleasant surprise yesterday. It made my day. Somehow, for some reason, my ESV Study Bible came in the mail. The official release is a little over 4 days away. Maybe it's because we pre-ordered back in July. I don't know. I was expecting to get it after the release (like 2 weeks from now), but God blessed me with getting it early!!! I'm so excited, I've been looking forward to this resource. It's so incredibly amazing. I'm most excited to finally have a cross-reference again. But, it has a lot of other tools and features. I am slowly (very slowly) reading through the Bible. It was nice to find a very long introduction before each book. That will be so helpful.

If you haven't checked out their website, you must...it's pretty cool. They're running a 15% off discount from now until October 15th. http://www.esvstudybible.org/

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