Rationalistic Pitfalls

The passion to pack God into a conceptual box of our own making is always strong but must be resisted. If we bear in mind that all the knowledge we can have of the atonement is of a mystery about which we can only think and speak by means of models, and which remains a mystery when all is said and done, it will keep us from rationalistic pitfalls and thus help our progress considerably.

-J.I. Packer, In My Place Condemned He Stood

As I read this yesterday, I was struck how you can apply this to much of life. Dr. Packer is writing about the atonement, but how often do I have "the passion to pack God into a ...box of our own making"? More often that I realize. I  gravitate to what makes sense, instead of trusting the truth of Scripture. I'm very good at falling into his "rationalistic pitfalls". Great quote from a great book.

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