My Day

I love living out in the country. I still get excited about seeing things that I never used to see before. Like quail in my front yard (well really field). Once a week I get up early and go and get allergy shots. As I was driving down our road, I looked over at our "neighbors" yard and see 8 turkeys. How cool is that! I can't believe I get to see this kind of stuff on a regular basis. 

Later on in the day I was driving to the church's storage facility. I passed by a church cemetery. As I drove by, I noticed an elderly man mowing around the tombstones (on his John Deere, of course!). I wondered how long he had been serving his church in this way. How many years has he faithfully gone and mowed the grass at his church's cemetery. It was such a cool picture of faithfully serving the Savior. 

Tonight Katie and I went to a bridal shower for the soon to be Anna McCarnan (woohoo!!!). It was so much fun. Anna was so surprised. We played this really fun game called Purse Scavenger Hunt. We divided up into two teams and Hannah would call out an item. Whoever found the item (in their purse) first, got the points. It was decided that if you're going to play Purse Scavenger Hunt, you wanted Katie & Jessica on your team...where else do you find a calculator, can opener, multi-purpose tool, pocket knife, first aid kit and other very random things, but in our purses. :) Anna seemed to be very blessed. It was a lot of fun!


Wendy A said...

YAY!! the shower was so much fun. I'm so glad we got to do that for her.

Sammy said...

it looked like fun! i'm sorry i missed it.

Anonymous said...

It was fun...I'm sorry you missed it too...I've missed having you around.