Little Known Fact


I just realized that most people probably don't know that I really love astronomy. It's one of those things that makes me go "wow!" and makes my eyes light up. I've always liked space. It's the only part of Science I enjoyed in school (and that's saying something, I hated Science!). I enjoy looking at the stars and I love it when I can see something like a lunar eclipse. And, yeah, I like NASA related stuff. We lived in Titusville, FL for 13 months. Oh, that was so incredibly cool! Thanks to some very kind folks in our church (which is an amazing church, btw!!!) I was able to touch the VAB (Vehicle Assembly Building), walk through mission control, see the Crawler, drive around the launch pads...it was so incredible. Recently, I came across a neat web site. It's apart of NASA's site, but it has countless pictures of space and space related things. It's pretty cool. They even have an astronomy picture of the day...NASA Image Gallery. Anyways there's your random fact of the day.

-Picture taken by NASA

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