The Providence of God

My dad is on vacation this week. He and my brother have been digging holes (a lot harder in southern clay than it was in Florida) and planting trees and bushes. Needless to say, we've been watering a lot. My mom has a bunch of flower and now we have a lot of trees and bushes. Well, we found out last night that our county has basically banned watering your yard. We haven't gotten a lot of rain lately. If you water you're warned, then fined. What does one do with 15 acres, and lots of brand new plants that need to be watered? Pray for rain! We have a well on the property that quite working years ago. Dad decided to try and get it working. God has graciously given our family incredible neighbors. They're retired and the husband is an incredible source of knowledge and I'm convinced he can fix anything! So we're told that we can't water and then this morning he shows up to help my dad get the pump working. Isn't that cool! How amazingly kind of God!

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