I was able to watch a few minutes of the opening ceremonies last week. Surprisingly, I had a hard time. The ceremonies were incredible, but all I could think of was the rest of China. What did the rest of the country (the part the tv cameras don't film) look like? What were the lives of these amazing performers really like? Would something happen to their families if they did something wrong? What was happening to the Christians in China because of the Olympics? I'm sure the persecution has increased, not decreased with the world watching. The glories & pageantry of the ceremonies quickly dimmed. I've been in a communist country. What you see on tv isn't true. You see only what they want you to see. Yesterday I was given a bracelet. It has Chinese words on one side and Pray for China on the other side. As I drove home from care group, I had a really cool thought. Because of the Olympics, Christians are even more aware of the persecuted church. So, in the midst of probably more persecution, the church is receiving more prayers than before. How cool is that?

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