God is pleased sometimes to delay giving what is needful until the last—to exercise our faith, our patience and resignation. And though the things may be of a common nature, yet, to an observing eye, there is a beautiful concurrence of providences, all wisely ordered by him, without whom a sparrow or a hair cannot fall to the ground.

My anxious cares profit me nothing. But the heavenly care supplies all my needs.

by James Meikle April 26, 1783


asacrificeofpraise said...

i think you should print this out and carry it around in your pocket today.

i love you. and i'm praying that God in His kindness would make you freshly aware of His sovereign and personal care for you and I'm also praying that He would soon bring this season of "delay" to an end. i love you so dearly.

YellerDaisies said...

Thanks, Em! I am so grateful for you.