Another Kindness of God pt. 2

Ever have a day not go the way you planned??? The saga of the printer continues. On Tuesday, I was eager to start work. I began at 8:30am and thought I'd be able to unpack and set-up the printer by 9:00am. When I took it out of the box, it was heavier than I thought...It would not go on my desk (like the old one did) and it couldn't sit on the floor. I called my sister into my room (yes, I work out of my bedroom). We moved the desk and my wardrobe (taking everything out of the desk and all the many books out of my wardrobe.). No furniture we had would fit in the space, even after moving my desk and wardrobe...sigh, what were we going to do. I asked my dad and we decided that I needed to try and find some sort of desk (smaller than 33in. wide). So after lunch, I was off to the store. I was home by 2:30pm or so. I put the desk (which is pretty cool) together, set the printer on top, and then began cleaning up my mess. My room was a wreck and I couldn't set up the printer until we plugged the computers back up and I cleaned up enough to be able to sit at my desk. So, about 4:00pm, I was able to set my printer up. By 6:00pm the printer was up and I was able to finish cleaning my room later on in the evening. Did I mention that from around 10:00am - 5:00pm my computers were unplugged and I couldn't check e-mail or do any other work.

Here's where I noticed the kindness of God. I had a lot of work to do. I had e-mails to answer and projects that needed my attention. But, in God's sovereignty, I was unable to attend to any of it. My day was completely out of my control. Typically I would have been very stressed and anxious. I would be sinning all over the place. I would be angry that my day wasn't going my way. Several times during the day I thought, "this should be bothering me...normally I'd be very stressed". But, I wasn't stressed, angry, or anxious. It didn't bother me at all. My room so messy I hardly could walk in it, tasks not getting done, it just didn't faze me. What an incredible evidence of God working in my life! I do not respond that way. God used that day to remind me that He is working in my life and heart. Despite what I can think at times, I am growing, changing, and becoming more like Him. The good work He began, He will complete.


Emily said...

ever have a day not go the way you planned??? are you kidding???

is that a joke? :)

Emily said...

what He began, He will complete.

awesome thought.

and by His grace, that statement does not simply apply to a computer and desk. don't forget that!!!! ;)

YellerDaisies said...

;) Thanks...I know and that's what has been the reminder of my Savior all week through these humorous episodes. :)