I'm very excited. After some changes and updates we officially "released" our blogs today during our Sunday service! :) We also did a complete overhaul of our website and it now looks somewhat normal and modern. Yippee!!! Pardon the excitement of a church secretary. ;)



I had a very fun day. After spending the morning with the dearest people on earth, Katie, Emily, Wendy, and I went to Gaffney. We spent the afternoon walking around the Outlet Mall and ended the night with Cracker Barrel for dinner. Boy, we laughed a lot. God was so kind! It was a great end to a good, but very tiring week


Anonymous said...

YAY!!! i had fun too. :) hehe.

oh, and thanks for the paper shreds in my drink when i walked away from the table at dinner. that was a delightful touch!

Anonymous said...

;) no problem...what are friends for!

CountryGal said...

It was a blast! Thanks for making that one of the best shopping experiences, Em. :)

Thanks, for driving, Jess! Oh! I need to give ya $ for gas.