Put Yourself in the Way of Grace

P6210016 (2)The 2nd point in dad's sermon on Sunday had to do with prayer. Dad mentioned that, "...prayer proves He (God) loves you...you want to pray, but even if not the Lover of your soul is still there to meet you." He also said, "groaning in faith, to the God who loves and works powerfully...". He said that prayer: proves, purifies, protects, and empowers. As I'm sitting here thinking about this, I keep thinking about Mark Altrogge's blog post, Put Yourself in the Way of Grace. Mr. Altrogge talks about his dog and how she is constantly in his way, trying to attract his attention and affection (which he's not inclined to give). He draws a comparison of how we should be that way towards God. We should put ourselves in the way of God's grace. Recently Chica (our 11 month old boxer) has begun to lay on my feet while I'm working in the kitchen. She knows we won't feed her scraps, so she lays on my feet in anticipation, hoping I'll drop stuff as I cook. This has been a recurring remind to me. Am I putting myself in the way of God's grace? Mr. Altrogge concludes his post by saying:

We never force God to give us his grace, but we can put ourselves in the way of it. And there’s a big difference between my dog putting herself in my way and us putting ourselves in way of God’s grace. I’m not inclined to cuddle with and pet my dog. But God is anxious to pour out his grace on us. He’s poised and waiting to give good things to his children. So let’s take advantage of the means God has graciously given us to receive his blessings.

Do I put myself in the way of grace via. prayer? Do I realize that the Lover of my soul is eagerly waiting to meet me and provide for me? Is prayer a duty or delight? A drudgery or a daily encounter with the Lover of my soul? Is it boring or an ecstatic joy? Do I look forward to it?

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