10 Things I'm Grateful For...

  1. God's incredible mercy and kindness towards me. He saved me, redeemed my soul, turned away God's wrath by taking it on Himself. Mercy and forgiveness I don't deserve, but receive regardless.
  2. The most incredible parents a girl could ask for. Their unending patience, love, care, counsel, generosity, and affection are more than I could ever ask for.
  3. The best brother and sister ever. They constantly love and put up with me. And believe me, that's no small feat! I can be a pain in the neck!
  4. The dearest place on earth. Where would I be if it wasn't for my local church? I can't even begin to express the gratitude I have for some of the people I love most (aside from my family). They are a constant source of encouragement and "spur me on" to be more like our Savior.
  5. Friends. Who tell me to chill out, to tell me to shut up, who tell me to trust when life isn't making sense.  Friends who make me laugh so hard I cry. Friends who point me to my Savior.
  6. Music. Aside from the things above, the best thing in life!!! God's gift to mankind (and I'm serious!). A way to worship Him and to enjoy all that He has given us.
  7. iTunes...iPod...30g of space to load music and videos.
  8. Books. A great way to relax. A great way to learn more about the God I love.
  9. My dog...well, technically it's Jimmy's dog...but I'm grateful she's around anyways...
  10. My car (even if it's a station wagon that my sister has affectionately named My Grandma Car).

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