New Attitude

New Attitude 2008 starts this Saturday!!!! Yahoo! I'm so excited. NA is probably my favorite part of the year. And I can say that because I'm a vetran. :-) I've been to all 9 New Attitude conferences. The first NA was in 1999 and in Baltimore, MD. Now we're in Louisville, KY. I make no promises to blog. I know I have such a huge number of folks that read this (just kidding!) and ya'll will be so disappointed (yeah, right). But, I am going to recommend a couple of sites that will probably be blogging constantly through the conference. They write tons better than I do anyways. :-) Check them out. And if you're not going, please pray for those of us who are. We would crave your prayers. I'm excited to see what God does this year. My desire is to enjoy Him, enjoy the group of folks going from my trip, and learn whatever He wants me to learn!!!
Check these sites out:

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